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Ageless Skin Care Bundle
Ageless Skin Care Bundle
Ageless Skin Care Bundle

Ageless Skin Care Bundle

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Ageless SkinCare Bundle- Adult & Mature Skin - Normal to Dry


Premium includes: Floral Seed Cleanser, Alpha Glycolic Exfoliant, Satin Seal, Micro-Dermabrasion Cleanser, VooDoo DNA Cream, AGELESS DUO A & AGELESS DUO B

Deluxe Includes: Floral Seed Cleanser, Alpha Glycolic Exfoliant, Satin Seal Moisturizer, VooDoo DNA Cream, Micro-Dermabrasion Cleanser

Basic Includes: Floral Seed Cleanser, Alpha Glycolic Exfoliant, Satin Seal Moisturizer, VooDoo DNA Cream


Why buy from us 

  • Dr. Burkenstock's skin care line is made with Natural, Organic, and Non-GMO ingredients
  • She uses no chemicals or heavy preservatives
  • Our skincare does not  have any fragrance as Dr. Burkenstock's status’ fragrances are great for candles and perfume but not for our skin care products
  • Added ingredients are not healthy for the complexion

Her moisturizer is clear ‘seethru’ Dr. Burkenstock does not put fillers or chemicals that make some ingredients opaque white or yellow. This is great for the makeup counters as they will last on the retail shelf for 3-5 years. A pure product is see through and is more gentle and better for your complexion

Don’t you just love freebies? If so, upgrade! For the best deal, upgrade for just $30 more for a suite of goodies worth over $150. Get ready for awe-inspiring results! Your upgrade includes FREE Dr. Burkenstock Video lymphatic facial brushing tutorial, a Dr. Burkenstock compact mirror, plus an insulated Dr. Burkenstock. tumbler “We Rise By Lifting Others.” that’s so heart warming... your friends might try to “permanently borrow” yours. (You can tell them how they can get their own!)