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Food Allergy Bundle

Food Allergy Bundle

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Eating right and still not losing weight? It may be due to food allergies and sensitivities. Our food immunity bundle is perfect for addressing food sensitivities and unwanted symptoms when it comes to unagreeable foods. 

Included in the bundle are:

Omega Pure: A high -potency dose of Omega-3s with a pleasant lemon flavor.

D Pure: A concentrated, liquid form of vitamin D that uses a cutting-edge, natural emulsion technology that allows for 2000 IU per drop. It also provides enhanced bioavailability, using only naturally derived ingredients that are completely free of preservatives. Vitamin D assists with bone health, calcium levels, and bone density. It also aids the immune system in fighting off illnesses.

Vitality: A high quality daily multivitamin which helps to ensure a good foundation for key nutrients that support overall health and wellbeing. In today's world the soil is depleted of much of it vitamins and minerals therefore it’s essential for one to take a MultiVitamin.